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WPMagazines is a powerful professional publishing tool, based on WordPress. By using WPMagazines, you get the chance to connect your brand to your target audience, enhance your range and improve your communication.

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What can you create?

Create external publications, like annual reports, glossy magazines, manuals and brochures, but also internal magazines and newsletters.

Online magazines

Make a connection with your customers with an eye-catching online magazine. Showcase interviews, news, background information, animations, updates, video’s and more. WPMagazines will get you there.

Annual reports

Is the annual report a boring yearly mandatory issue? Make an annual report that is interactive and a pleasure read with WPMagazines.


Does your brochure strike the right chords with your audience? And do they get all the relevant information they are looking for? With an online brochure from WPMagazines you can measure this engagement!

Glossy magazines

Convert your printed glossy into a digital version. As a publisher, you’re still in total control and you know exactly what appeals to your reader and what doesn’t. With an online glossy with WPMagazines you get with the time.

Internal magazines

Keep your colleagues informed with company updates through internal magazines. Present improvement plans, bulletins, (budget)reports and news in an interactive way. With internal magazines with WPMagazines you stay in touch with each other.

Why choose WPMagazines?

In addition to the different types of publications you can create, there are more advantages to choosing an online publication. Discover the many benefits.

Distribute over every online channel

In this day and age, online has become indispensable

Why should you be limited to offline channels when it comes to publications? When you use WPMagazines you can share your publication in any possible online platform. Social media, email, WhatsApp, it’s all possible!

Constantly learning and optimizing

Measuring is knowing

Through analytics tools, such as Google Analytics and Piwik (Pro), you can measure how many readers your magazine has reached and which articles have the highest engagement. Use this knowledge to optimize your next publication!

A sustainable choice

Decrease your printing and shipping costs

An online publication has a fairly low impact on the environment; no ink, paper, shipping or waste. Whether you want to distribute 10,000 or 50,000 copies, the impact stays low. Online is the more sustainable way of reaching your audience.

Quickly correct that little mistake

Always the chance to correct that little mistake

Once a magazine has been printed and distributed, nothing can be changed. With an online publication, the content can be adjusted and updated. This way your publication is always up to date.

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