Online annual report

Is your annual report a dusty old number with the same content year in, year out? Each year companies miss the opportunity to make an interactive annual report. It can be different, more innovative. interactive, more creative and easier to read through.

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Give your annual report a boost!

An online annual report with WPMagazines is current, interactive and inviting to read. WPMagazines also offers measurable results, which you will not find in other forms of annual reports. With our platform you can create a successful annual report, every time.

Why should you choose
an online annual report?

Increase your reach

Make sure no one misses information

Every page in your publication has its own URL, that makes it easy to share interesting information from the annual report at relevant times via social media, like LinkedIn. That way, you will not only reach your employees and current stakeholders, but also potential new customers and other interested parties.

Insight in results

Measuring is knowning

Through analytics tools, such as Google Analytics and Piwik (Pro), you can measure how many readers your magazine has reached and which articles have the highest engagement. Use this knowledge to optimize your next publication!

A sustainable choice

Eliminate your printing and shipping costs

Printing a magazine, shipping it in thick stacks and distributing it: is that sustainable? An online annual report has a lower impact on the environment. It doesn’t matter if you need to distribute 10.000 or 50.000 copies, it’s all possible online. 


Bring your annual report to life

Business strategies, financial data, figures and statistics: all important in an annual report. But the annual report is also the opportunity to give success stories a platform, to look ahead and to enrich the basic figures with interaction and moving images. Add interviews and (budget)reports, use eye-catching images and share your vision as a company to the world.

Anything is possible online

Whatever the goal of your online publication is, with WPMagazines you can do almost anything. You can revive your newsletter, add more playfulness to your annual report, link all your brochures together, or make your glossy interactive. WPMagazines can do it all. Take a look at all the products, examples and possibilities to find out what WPMagazines can do for you.  

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Take a look at previous
annual reports

Many clients have already created online annual reports.
Take a look at their examples and get inspired!

Annual report template

We have created a free template magazine that can be used as a first step. In MyAdmin you can choose to start with one of our template magazines or completely from scratch. The templates can be adjusted to your corporate identity or any other desired style.

Annual report

With this template you can quickly be on your way. Get inspired and view all the possibilities.

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Curious about other
types of publications?

Online publications come in all shapes and sizes. WPMagazines offers magazines, annual reports, glossy magazines, brochures and internal magazines.


Make a connection with your customers with an eye-catching online magazine. Showcase interviews, news, background information, animations, updates, video’s and more. WPMagazines will get you there.


Convert your printed glossy into a digital version. As a publisher, you’re still in total control and you know exactly what appeals to your reader and what doesn’t. With an online glossy with WPMagazines you get with the time.


Does your brochure strike the right chords with your audience? And do they get all the relevant information they are looking for? With an online brochure from WPMagazines you can measure this engagement!

Internal magazine

Keep your colleagues informed with company updates through internal magazines. Present improvement plans, bulletins, (budget)reports and news in an interactive way. With internal magazines with WPMagazines you stay in touch with each other.