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WPMagazines is the canvas and you are the painter. Implement WPMagazines in a way that fits you and your projects, to realize the dream of clients and customers. You bring the creativity, the technique comes from WPMagazines.

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Are you a digital, graphic or online agency and you’re interested in working with WPMagazines? Or you want to sell it as a tool to implement with your clients? Become a partner!

Benefits of being a partner

Adding WPMagazines to your repertoire or the repertoire of your customers is not only a chance to generate new business, it also increases your ROI in a reliable way. Build up long term relationships with your clients with WPMagazines. Online publications generate a steady stream of income. As a partner you experience all kinds of benefits:

First in line

As a partner of WPMagazines you have a stage for all your digital publications. You are first in line when it comes to all new features and updates. You get to experience all the innovations first hand.


As an agency, you already know how the tool works, but if any questions or uncertainties arise from customers, you will be first in line.


If you are a partner with 4 or more unlimited licenses, you get a 25% discount. This means your fourth license is free! And this is all for you, no need to charge this back to your client.

Increase your ROI

Worrying about printing and transport costs is a thing of the past. You have the opportunity to invest your time, money and energy in what really matters; generating content for your magazine.

Steady stream of income

With an online publication you have a clear view of the results you generate. Don’t get faced with surprises and immediately know how successful your publication really is. This way you’ll know for sure what to expect.

Build long-term relationships

An online publication is the perfect opportunity to build a strong relationship with your customers and stakeholders. Keep everyone informed in a unique and interactive way. Let your readers look forward to a new edition every time.

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