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Most people pick up a brochure because they are seeking specific information about a topic. But will they also find what they are looking for in your brochure? And what do they do with that information afterwards?

With an online brochure with WPMagazines you can find this out! We can even go further; with an online brochure, readers can click through to external links for more information, or they can make an appointment with you on the spot. You can only find this kind of lead generation online!

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Short but sweet

A brochure is short in nature. There is a lot that needs to be said about a topic at a fast pace. The core message is pretty obvious. At the same time, an online brochure can contain so much more information. There can be links to other brochures or materials. This makes your brochure even more efficient. 

Why choose an
online brochure?


A brochure designed with accessibility in mind can be read by anyone

Make sure that your online brochure meets the accessibility standards. It makes it possible for people with a visual, mobility or cognitive impairment to read your brochure.

Insight into results

Measuring is knowing

Are readers able to find the relevant information needed from the brochure? Are they viewing all articles of only certain parts? What do your readers consider important? With an online brochure you can measure your engagement!


Eliminate your printing and shipping costs

Printing a magazine, shipping it in thick stacks and distributing it: is that sustainable? An online brochure has a lower impact on the environment. It doesn’t matter if you need to distribute 10.000 or 50.000 copies, it’s all possible online.

A one-timer, but certainly not permanent

Quickly correct that little mistake

When a brochure is printed, there is nothing you can do to update the content. But what if you need a more current image, or a new name in the list, or some extra insights on a new topic? With an online brochure the content is adaptable and easy to update. This will keep your brochure up-to-date. 

Anything is possible online

Whatever the goal of your online publication is, with WPMagazines you can do almost anything. You can revive your newsletter, add more playfulness to your annual report, link all your brochures together, or make your glossy interactive. WPMagazines can do it all. Take a look at all the products, examples and possibilities to find out what WPMagazines can do for you.

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Take a look at previous

Many clients have already created online brochures.
Take a look at their examples and get inspired!

Brochure template

We have created a free template that can be used as a first step. In MyAdmin you can choose to start with one of our template magazines or completely from scratch. The templates can be adjusted to your corporate identity or any other desired style.


With this template you can quickly be on your way. Get inspired and view all the possibilities.

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Curious about other
types of publications?

Online publications come in all shapes and sizes. WPMagazines offers magazines, annual reports, glossy magazines, brochures and internal magazines.


Make a connection with your customers with an eye-catching online magazine. Showcase interviews, news, background information, animations, updates, video’s and more. WPMagazines will get you there.


Convert your printed glossy into a digital version. As a publisher, you’re still in total control and you know exactly what appeals to your reader and what doesn’t. With an online glossy with WPMagazines you get with the time.

Internal magazine

Keep your colleagues informed with company updates through internal magazines. Present improvement plans, bulletins, (budget)reports and news in an interactive way. With internal magazines with WPMagazines you stay in touch with each other.

Annual report

Is the annual report a boring, yearly mandatory issue? Make an annual report that is interactive and a pleasure to read with WPMagazines.