Give your online annual report a boost!

Annual report feeling a little stuffy? Mandatory Boring, routing job?

Companies have been missing the chance to use the annual report for the communication opportunity it is. The report can be more; more interesting, fresher, more elegant, more creative.

An online annual report built with WPMagazines is current, interactive and invites the reader in. Moreover, the results are measurable. In other words, a successful report!

Give your annual report life!

Company strategy, financial data, statistics; all important items in an annual report. However, an annual report also offers the chance to share inspirational success stories and a more dynamic way of sharing data & statistics through interaction and movement. A living, breathing report!

Go interactive

Add interviews in video form, use appealing photography, share your employees’ and clients’ visions. No long texts, but a well thought out mix of text, imagery, animations, videos and data will equal success for your online yearly report.

Increase your reach

Every page in a publication has its own URL, making it easy to share relevant and thought-provoking information from the annual report through digital channels, like LinkedIn. Not only will you reach employees and current investors, but also potential clients and others interested.

Result insights

Google Analytics and other analytic tools make it possible to see how many are actually reading your annual report and what they’re reading. This knowledge can be used to make your next report better.


Printing and distributing an annual report; there must be a more sustainable way. Going online offers a smaller carbon footprint. Whether you send out 10 or 50 thousand online magazines, the costs and environmental effects don’t change.

Online annual report experts

DutchGiraffe has been designing and building annual reports in WPMagazines for years for a variety of clients, each with their own look & feel.

  • Online annual report


    The yearly publication from the FunX radio station has a fresh, hip and urban feeling.

  • Online annual report

    AT Osborne

    We made the transition from print to digital for the Durability report; safeguarding and giving the brand design a boost.



  • Online annual report

    Salvation Army

    2020 was a difficult year for everyone. With this annual report he Salvation Army looks back at an eventful year.

  • Online annual report

    The Hague Library

    The 2021-2025 policy vision describes how the library brings value to The Hague.

    Everyone can work with WP-magazines

    WPMagazines is suitable for everyone, whether you’re a professional with WordPress knowledge, or not. We offer a free workshop with every license to show you the ropes and to share the most important tips and tricks.

    Stronger together

    Send in your designs*, original or based on WPMagazines templates, and we can build your magazines in our platform WPMagazines.

    Our WPMagazines templates can be used for your first and future publications.

    *When you send in your designs we will do a final check to make sure that all elements can be set up in WPMagazines.

    Do it yourself

    You can also design and build the magazines yourself. Our free WPMagazines templates are there to help you on your way.

    No time (or skills) to do it yourself?

    Focus on the content and have DutchGiraffe design and build your magazine(s) for you. We’ll start together, after which we design a concept based on part of the content. We then translate the style to the other pages, and then build it all up in WPMagazines. The free workshop gives you the knowledge you need to put the final touches yourself.

    Want to take your next annual report to the next level?

    Reach out to Willy Mooren.

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    Schrijf je in voor de nieuwsbrief

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus.

    Schrijf je in voor de nieuwsbrief

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus.