DutchGiraffe | Digital Creatives is the brains behind WPMagazines. As a digital agency and developer of WPMagazines they are experts you can bring in to help; from the setup of your account to the build of personalized templates. They are ready to help and make sure that each and every pixel is in the right place. 

From big to small tasks

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DutchGiraffe supports small jobs, from the setup of your account, to the big jobs, like building an entire route to success with you. Based on your content, goals and wishes they look at the best plan of action. DutchGiraffe can support in every phase; like the concept and branding, or the build of your online publication, or the optimisation of your results. Whatever the job is, DutchGiraffe can help.

Build your perfect project team

DutchGiraffe is an expert in design and development, but if you need more experts to finish your project, DutchGiraffe is here to help. Think of DutchGiraffe as an extension of your communications department. They will help you form a flexible network of experts that fit right into your project.
Experts like:


Where do you share your publication, and when? How will you publish it? How does not publication score in the search engines? What do the numbers of readers say about the success of your publication? Marketeers get insight into these kinds of questions.


Talk to your target audience and get them excited by using the correct tone of voice and strategically written texts. Copywriters help you make the right composition in texts that will appeal and activate, they will make it click.


The right picture can make or break a publication. An image from one of the many databases is enough, but using your own photography makes you stand out from the rest. Photographers can help you make this picture perfect.


Surprise your viewer with animations, gifs or explanimations to give your publication more dimension and playfulness. Animators can help you do this in a fitting and tasteful manner. 

Do you need another expert?

The vast network of DutchGiraffe can help you find the right expert to help you make your vision come to life. Don’t be afraid to ask. 

Let us know if we can help you!

Whether you want to create an online magazine, annual report, glossy, brochure or newsletter, or are you curious about the role that DutchGiraffe can play in this process? Please contact us to discuss the many options.