Online Glossy

Deadline reach, the presses are running. Soon your readers can enjoy flipping through your dazzling new magazine.

Now imagine knowing exactly which article is being read and shared, which advertisement is being looked at, or not. An online glossy magazine offers the same (if not a better) experience to a printed magazine, but the publisher’s advantages are greater.

Divide the costs

Content. That’s the most important part of your magazine; photography, articles, design. However a large part of the costs go to print and distribution. Let’s put the focus where it’s meant to be: original content in an attractive packaging. Improve the ROI of your content with an online magazine.

To measure is to know

Which article is getting all the attention? Which column has the most shares? Which pages are popular? An online magazine gives you the opportunity to measure exactly what your readers are reading. That information leads to optimal content. The advertisers are also happy; they know the effect of their campaigns.


A glossy with a poll, a call to action to a webshop or social media, an interactive puzzle… There are no limits with WPMagazines.


Want to add moving imagery to your glossy? No problem! Make lively interviews audible or use video clips or animated illustrations to spruce up columns. More than enough space for creativity!


Printing and distributing a glossy; there must be a more sustainable way. Going online offers a smaller carbon footprint. Whether you send out 10 or 50 thousand online magazines, the costs and environmental effects don’t change.

Online magazines expert

DutchGiraffe has been designing and building magazines in WPMagazines for years for a variety of clients, each with their own look & feel.

  • Online glossy

    KLM Flying Dutchman

    Het wereldberoemde glossy tijdschrift is veranderd in een superstrak vormgegeven digitaal magazine, om de doelgroep te inspireren over de volgende reisbestemming. Dat werkt!

  • Online glossy


    FastCompany heeft middels deze glossy de content op een mooie manier naar buiten kunnen brengen. Er volgden verschillende edities.   

  • Online glossy

    Arseus Dental Nederland

    Het (print) magazine van Arseus Dental is doorontwikkeld in de vorm van een online glossy. Time to shine! 

    Everyone can work with WP-magazines

    WPMagazines is suitable for everyone, whether you’re a professional with WordPress knowledge, or not. We offer a free workshop with every license to show you the ropes and to share the most important tips and tricks.

    Stronger together

    Send in your designs*, original or based on WPMagazines templates, and we can build your magazines in our platform WPMagazines.

    Our WPMagazines templates can be used for your first and future publications.

    *When you send in your designs we will do a final check to make sure that all elements can be set up in WPMagazines.

    Do it yourself

    You can also design and build the magazines yourself. Our free WPMagazines templates are there to help you on your way.

    No time (or skills) to do it yourself?

    Focus on the content and have DutchGiraffe design and build your magazine(s) for you. We’ll start together, after which we design a concept based on part of the content. We then translate the style to the other pages, and then build it all up in WPMagazines. The free workshop gives you the knowledge you need to put the final touches yourself.

    Want to bring your glossy magazine to the next level?

    Reach out to Willy Mooren.

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    Schrijf je in voor de nieuwsbrief

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus.

    Schrijf je in voor de nieuwsbrief

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus.