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The deadline is made, the presses are rolling and soon your glossy will be on the doormat of your customers, but what happens to your magazine after that is a mystery. 

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Translate your glossy from print to online!

But what if there was a way you could know exactly what article is being read the most, or what the favorite column is, or what article is being shared a lot, or what ads are clicked on and what ads are being ignored? An online glossy gives you the same experience as a paper glossy, but the benefits for you as a publisher are so much more valuable. 

Why should you choose
an online glossy magazine?


Enter a conversation with your audience

A glossy with a poll, a direct link to the webshop, a reference to social media or an interactive puzzle give the reader the chance to truly experience the magazine at its fullest. WPMagazines connects the dots for you to make this happen. 

In motion

Create an experience only possible online

Do you want to integrate moving images, audio clips or animations in your glossy? No problem! Make your articles, interviews and columns stand out. There is enough room for creativity. 


Decrease your printing and shipping costs

Printing a magazine, shipping it in thick stacks and distributing it: how sustainable is that? An online glossy has a low impact on the environment. Besides, it does not matter if you need to distribute 10.000 or 50.000 copies, it’s all possible online. 

Spread the costs

Pay attention to what really matters

The most important part of your magazine is the content; the images, articles and lay-out needs to be as polished as possible. Unfortunately, a lot of the costs are tied up in the print and distribution of the magazine. We would like to help you put the focus on where it belongs, making the content as unique and interesting as possible. With an online glossy from WPMagazines you can better the ROI of your content. 

Anything is possible online

Whatever the goal of your online publication is, with WPMagazines you can do almost anything. You can revive your newsletter, add more playfulness to your annual report, link all your brochures together, or make your glossy interactive. WPMagazines can do it all. Take a look at all the products, examples and possibilities to find out what WPMagazines can do for you.

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Glossy template

De templates kun je gratis gebruiken. Ze worden voor je klaargezet in je account. Je kunt ze dan vullen met eigen content en naar wens aanpassen. Er kunnen ook op maat gemaakte templates worden toegevoegd. Die templates kun je onbeperkt gebruiken in al je digitale publicaties.


Met de aangeboden templates ben je snel op weg. Doe inspiratie op en bekijk snel alle mogelijkheden. 

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Curious about other
types of publications?

Online publications come in all shapes and sizes. WPMagazines offers magazines, annual reports, glossy magazines, brochures and internal magazines.


Make a connection with your customers with an eye-catching online magazine. Showcase interviews, news, background information, animations, updates, video’s and more. WPMagazines will get you there.

Annual report

Is the annual report a boring, yearly mandatory issue? Make an annual report that is interactive and a pleasure to read with WPMagazines.


Does your brochure strike the right chords with your audience? And do they get all the relevant information they are looking for? With an online brochure from WPMagazines you can measure this engagement!

Internal magazine

Keep your colleagues informed with company updates through internal magazines. Present improvement plans, bulletins, (budget)reports and news in an interactive way. With internal magazines with WPMagazines you stay in touch with each other.