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Flying Dutchman – Summer 2024

Language: NL

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About the project

Traveling is not just about the destinations we reach or the places we have visited; it's about the intention to make every journey meaningful. This is very clearly reflected in this edition of Flying Dutchman. For example, top athlete Lieke Klaver, who will represent our country at the Olympic Games in Paris this summer, says that every year she goes to Curaçao with her boyfriend, where his family lives. We also take you on a journey of discovery through picturesque Ireland, where journalist and local Julia Gorodecky tells us what she considers magical places in and around Cork. And we explore the Atacama Desert in Chile. With salt lakes, geyser fields and volcanoes, the environment there seems almost otherworldly. Traveling to these types of places not only guarantees a unique experience, but also memories that will last a lifetime.





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