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WPMagazines 3.0 is live!


The wait is finally over! After a long wait, research, development and tests, WPMagazines 3.0 is ready for use. This new version of WPMagazines is even more user friendly. It has never been easier to turn your online publishing dreams into a reality.

If you are already familiar with WPMagazines, you will really like this update because building publications and managing your account will be easier. If you are not yet familiar with WPMagazines, we are happy to explain what you can expect. WPMagazines is a WordPress based publishing tool. Various types of online publications can be created. This includes external communication tools, such as annual reports, glossy magazines, manuals and brochures, but also internal magazines and newsletters. And all of this online, so no worrying about (carbon) footprints left by printing and transport costs! What can you do with WPMagazines? And above all, what makes WPMagazines 3.0 so ideal?


The editor, also known as a page builder, was created to make it easy to create & build pages. You work with different blocks that you can remodel, drag and transform until it is exactly per your design specifications. There are more than 35 blocks to work with to bring your design to life.

The intuitive editor helps you, among other things, put the focus on an image in the right position, adjust texts to make it bigger or change the color or font and add media. And not only for desktop users, but also easily toggle to mobile and tablet mode.


MyAdmin is een feature dat compleet nieuw is in WPM 3.0. Je krijgt de volledige verantwoordelijkheid over je account en publicaties. Zo kan je makkelijk nieuwe licenties kopen en aanmaken, of je kan je licentie opzeggen, upgraden of downgraden.

MyAdmin is also useful if you want to make changes to your profile. You can easily change your username, email address or password. Whether you want to add a user, change your account number or adjust your billing contacts you can do it all in MyAdmin. And if you want to continue to WordPress from the MyAdmin panel, you can do so without having to log in again. The SSO (Single Sign-On) allows you to quickly and easily switch between MyAdmin and WordPress.


An online publication must be readable by everyone, despite any restrictions. WPMagazines produces publications that comply with the WCAG AA guidelines, so that anyone with a visual, motor or cognitive disability can also enjoy the online experience offered.

This can be done, for example, by adding alt texts and custom attributes. This makes it possible for everyone to know what is in an image, everyone can tab through the navigation and all buttons are WCAG friendly. Online should be accessible to everyone and WPMagazines makes that possible.

Request a demo!

Curious to know how an online publication such as a magazine, annual report, glossy magazine or brochure with WPMagazines can fit into your online communication mix? Request a demo and experiment with the many possibilities.

Or would you like to know more, schedule a consultation or ask any questions? Please contact Milou at DutchGiraffe | Digital Creatives , the agency behind WPMagazines, via [email protected].

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