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WPMagazines is a professional, WordPress based publishing tool. With WPMagazines you can easily create online publications that connect your brand and target audience.

With WPMagazines you create online communication tools, such as annual reports, budget reports, manuals and brochures, but also internal newsletters or magazines.


WP-Magazines combines marketing, design and publishing. The advantage: your online magazine is online, quickly accessible and up to date. You can also highlight different articles through social media and email marketing campagnes separately from the magazine.

Online tool

All you need is an internet connection. WPMagazines is an online tool and works anywhere. No need to install any software. You can get started right away!

Custom design

You have complete freedom to create your own layouts and design to make your publication unique and perfectly tailored to your target audience and objectives.


WPMagazines is a responsive platform, so your publication can be read anywhere on any device.Tip: always do an extra mobile check.


WPMagazines uses powerful and popular plugins such as Yoast SEO and Gravity Forms.

Custom fonts

Typography is a crucial part of design. Choose fonts from Google fonts or Adobe Typekit. Not the fonts you want? WPMagazines also works with your own custom font.

Rich content

From parallax functions to video backgrounds and slideshows to animated gifs. It’s all possible with WPMagazines.


Is your online publication optimized for search engines? The plugin Yoast SEO makes it easy to see which pages need to be optimized and even gives tips. The advantage: extra organic visitors.

To measure is to know

Measure reader data with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Piwik and/or Hotjar. Know exactly which articles are valued more and on which pages readers drop out the most. With these insights, you can adjust your publications and increase the relevance for your target audience.


Add games, quizzes, polls and comments to create interaction with your readers. The result: even more engagement.


More and more companies have to and want to comply with the guidelines for web accessibility, the WCAG guidelines. Together with our partner Aally, we ensure that your publication is accessible to everyone.


Make your content more noticeable with some special effects. WPMagazines offers ways to make photo's move or create small animations; make use of the Parallax, Ken Burns or Fixed Image effects.

With WPMagazines you create online publications that effortlessly connect your brand and target audience.

What types of publications can you make?

Annual report with opportunities

Is the annual report a communication party year in year out, or will it remain a boring mandatory number? Let your annual report stand out with WPMagazines

Everyone in the know thanks to WPMagazines

Keep colleagues up-to-date on company news with an internal magazine. Every month a different theme, every edition a different internal editor, what are your ideas?

Online magazine

Connect with your customers with an interactive online magazine. Current affairs? Interview? Updates? Videos? Animations? Polls? It’s all possible with WPMagazines.


Extend the life cycle of your brochures by building extensive, visually strong brochures, which you can continuously adapt and improve. Easily share relevant pages with target audiences, and bring the optimal offer at the right time.

Online Glossy

Transform your glossy from a magazine on the shelf into an online version. As a publisher you are in control of the content; which article is widely read? Which ad has the highest conversion rate? What do the circulation figures say? With an online magazine you can know (almost) everything.

What are you going to create?

Do you already have ideas for your publication? Contact us if you want to pick our brain or view our various cases for extra inspiration.

Beginner or experienced: you can do this!

Do you already have experience with WordPress? Then you will find plenty of flexibility in layouts and functionalities in WPMagazines. Don’t have any experience yet? WordPress is the world’s most popular and user-friendly CMS. If you are not that handy yet, get started quickly with our extensive, ready-to-use, free templates. We also provide free training with every unlimited license to familiarize users with WPMagazines. If you need an extra hand, you can call DutchGiraffe, the agency behind WPMagazines. Plenty of options!

Accessible to all

Does your online magazine meet the WCAG guidelines? These guidelines have been drawn up to make it easier for people with visual, motor or cognitive impairments to access websites, online publications and apps. These guidelines are mandatory for government and semi-government websites and applications, but many other companies feel the need to comply with these guidelines. Together with our partner Aally, we ensure that your publication is accessible to everyone. Do you want to know how your online magazine works for people with disabilities? We offer a free quick scan of two pages to give you an impression. If you want to know more, we offer an extensive scan to check for all necessary adjustments.

With each licence we offer a free training to help you find your way with WPMagazines.


Check which license best suits your goals and get started right away!

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Schrijf je in voor de nieuwsbrief

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus.

Schrijf je in voor de nieuwsbrief

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus.