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From editorial meetings to building your publication: DutchGiraffe Digital Creatives is your partner in online publishing. We have been there for you since 2008, that’s 13 years of experience. How can we support you?

The best route

Based on your content, objectives and wishes, we map out the best route for your project together. Based on years of experience in developing magazines, we divide our projects into 4 different phases.

Kick off & editorial

We start every project with all team members during a kick-off, this can also be extended to an editorial meeting if necessary. What are the goals of the publication? Is the content ready or does it still need to be created? Who is responsible for what?

Concept & design

As soon as you have delivered (part of) the content, we can start developing a concept. This concept will be based on your corporate identity, your typography, colors, images will be applied and specific ‘content blocks’ will be sketched. These content blocks are the building blocks of each template.

Realisatie (bouw)

Satisfied with the concept? This concept will then be developed into different templates. In order to make the most accurate template we need the content for the pages, even a draft will work. Together we will dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Onboarding & support

With our free training we will guide you through the WPMagazines platform, so that you can make small adjustments yourself. 

You can always contact us after launch for adjustments, new templates and other requests. In that case, we use a customer support card to keep track of the hours spent.

Measure &

The online magazine is live! But our work is not done.

The first results will be discussed as soon as possible: how was the publication circulated? How many times has it been viewed? Which pages are read the most and why? Which pages have a lower score, is there an explanation? How can we optimize the magazine for the next edition?

We can make a complete analysis of the online magazine. This data helps to continue to achieve your goals and to make the magazine better and better.

  • Samenwerking

    AT Osborne

    Een vertaalslag van print naar digitaal is een duurzame keuze die bovendien visueel aantrekkelijk is én een groter bereik heeft.

  • Samenwerking


    Vergroot de betrokkenheid van thuiswerkende collega's en klanten middels een digitale editie, geheel in lijn met de huisstijl.

  • Samenwerking


    De publicatie van radiostation FunX heeft een urban, jong en fris gevoel.

    The perfect project team

    Design and development is our solid foundation. We reinforce this foundation with a group of flexible experts in various fields. This is how we ensure perfect support in every phase of the project. Tell us what you need and we’ll provide the perfect project team!


    How will you promote the online magazine? Where do you share your publication, and when? Does your publication rank high with search engines? What stands out?


    Get the most out of your content through the right tone of voice and strategically written texts. This way you’ll really reach and enthuse your target audience.


    Images can make or break a publication. You can use images from the countless image banks, but your own photographs will make your publication standout even more.


    Surprise your reader with mirco animations, or use 'explanimations' to explain (part of) your story.


    With video you can share richer information. Think of interviews, a look behind the scenes or a tour of the construction site.

    Hi expert!

    Want to come and strengthen our flexible project team?

    Enrich your online knowledge

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    Ready to collaborate?

    Want to create an online annual report, internal magazine or other publication with a team of experts? Let’s schedule a (virtual) appointment quickly!

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    Schrijf je in voor de nieuwsbrief

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus.

    Schrijf je in voor de nieuwsbrief

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus.